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Win a St. Patrick's Day Drinking Team Shirt Sweepstakes

Subscribe to our  "BECOME A VIP AND SAVE" at the bottom of the page. This enters you into the sweepstakes. One entry will get you placed in both the Facebook and Instagram group. Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and announcements, including winner announcements and bonus entries. You can link to our Facebook and Instagram by clicking on them in this paragraph or the icons at the bottom of this page. There will be multiple drawings throughout the week. Each platform will have it's own drawing, making it possible to win twice, thus two shirts. During a random drawing there will be a post on one of the platforms in the form of a email. For example Support@Shoppsterz.com could take the form of S***ort@Shoppsterz.com. If you recognize the email as yours, you will have to DM us via the social media platform it was posted on to claim your prize. This is a raffle style sweepstakes, so if you take to long to DM us we will go back in the pile another winner will be announced. So sign up and pay attention to those social media post. Tell your friends and get your whole squad outfitted! See Official Rules    Our Instagram    Our Facebook


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